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Month: February 2021

February 2021 - Shivers, Sun and Springtime? News from No.fifty6

Posted on 28th February 2021 by Julie and David Thomson in General News.

February 2021  - Shivers, Sun and Springtime? News from No.fifty6 February often blows in as a ”soft” month, not quite winter, not quite spring. This February we have had both – wild winds, rain, freezing temperatures (-8 by day) and the second half of the month, calm, sunshine, blue skies and unseasonably mild, like Spring is in reach.
The fields were very soggy, then rock hard with frost, now crispy from the sun with softness underneath. New growth is here, even the trees are budding and the blackbirds are courting and nesting. Is it a faux spring before we plunge back into winter, time will tell?

As we walk the tracks and paths of The Somme, this is the time we think of War Poetry. The ability to write with such expression as the conditions around you were so dire always amazes us. The poets left a lasting legacy, which for us is as much a part of that link back, as the cemeteries and memorials which dot the landscape.

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Well what a great few days with good company and lively conversation. Some great remembrance stories along the way.…

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