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June 2021 at No.fifty6.

Posted on 30th June 2021 by Julie and David Thomson in General News.

June 2021 at No.fifty6. As we write this, 1st July is upon us, a date synonymous with The Somme, the date on which the 1916 battle commenced. For us it is a day for reflection and looking forward, a date bound up with so many reasons why we now call The Somme our home.
This year, like last, Somme commemorations are different due to Covid and so many not able to travel. There are some small Covid compliant ceremonies but the essence of The Somme is not to be found in any ceremony. It is to be found looking over the now beautiful fields, the skyline, the dips and curves which caress The Somme. Then of course the Cemeteries and Memorials dotted across the landscape like silent witnesses. Come here and you truly connect with the land and its history. There is no place in the world like it. Come and remember, come and reflect. Come on a personal journey, as we did many years ago, a journey for us which continues still. The boys who were here, those who still lie, those who went home who have now all passed. We believe they would have appreciated being remembered in quiet, personal ways, more 105 years later. So do take a moment for personal reflection.
A favourite poem of ours which sums up...

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