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Month: June 2024

June 2024  - A Month of Contrasts – Weather, Age, Stories, Landscape

Posted on 30th June 2024 by Julie and David Thomson in General News.

June 2024  - A Month of Contrasts – Weather, Age, Stories, Landscape June  - Capricious June. We started the month, cold, grey, wet, rain shower after rain shower but we end the month with Flaming June -blue skies, high UV and the hottest temperatures of the year. Soon we will be saying we need rain, but we have never known a first half of the year so wet. The weather has kept us on our toes this month – that, along with all the other things keeping us busy but happy at No.fifty6.

The landscape is full, lush, verdant with some brown where the wheat is already starting to turn golden. The popular crops this year, apart for the wheat, are potatoes and peas. The potatoes profiting from all that rain, now very leafy on their triangular ridges. The peas, already full of flowers and pods, sway in the breeze. We love the cycle of nature here.

As we write this month’s newsletter we think, as always, of the soldiers who would be in the trenches, under the artillery bombardment which continued in the week leading up to 1 July 1916.  How did they stand the noise, the vibration, the fear, the waiting….?  Letters written home, photos looked at one last time.

One of our guests this month, Ned Tate, from Northern Ireland,  paid homage at the grave of his Great Uncle James Tate of the 13th Royal Irish Rifles.

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