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Month: May 2022

May 2022 from No.fifty6 - Spring on The Somme, VCs, Ancestors, Walks & More

Posted on 31st May 2022 by Julie and David Thomson in General News.

May 2022 from No.fifty6  - Spring on The Somme, VCs, Ancestors, Walks & More May - a month which has kept us on our toes. Lots going on, familiar faces and new ones coming through our door. Wonderful weather - hot days and no rain for weeks then a few showers towards the end of the month much needed for the fields of new crop and the wildlife. At month end The Somme has its verdant coat of new growth on, the rolling landscape tinged in shades of green and the promise of summer to come. Blue skies on most days. But the ground is dry, despite some showers of rain and irrigation devices are in place all over The Somme. Guests a raking the most of the long evening with walks post dinner to catch the sunset at Ovillers or Lochnagar. A perfect way to end the day. Peace, perfect peace in a once war torn landscape.

As we watch our guests sitting on the terrace after a day out walking, taking refreshment and pondering what they have seen, or us standing in a spot we love on one of our walks, it brings to mind this poem which we find forever poignant with its musings on loss of a loved one. It is called “After The War”.

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Well what a great few days with good company and lively conversation. Some great remembrance stories along the way.…

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