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Surrounded by history, No.fifty6 is the perfect base from which to explore the region of Picardy and the Somme. 

Whether you’ve been to the Somme before or visiting for the first time, David and Julie offer a battlefield experience like no other.  Don’t expect a dry, old history lesson here.  Their passion and knowledge of WW1 history is brought to life as they take you through a fully immersive, emotional journey and sensory experience.

Whether you’re interested in tracking down family ties or simply interested in the history, your hosts will personalise your experience with real, individual stories and accounts of life as a soldier in 1916.

From coffee to cognac, painting to photography, shopping to people watching, the nearby towns offer a taste of French life at its best.

  • Take a coffee in Albert Square and marvel at the Basilica
  • Fill your suitcase with gifts from the Christmas markets in Arras and Amiens
  • Enjoy the beautiful countryside and quietly watch the native wildlife
  • Go on a steam train at Le p'tit train de la Haute Somme
  • Experience the big town atmosphere on a day out to Lille or Paris
  • Enjoy fine French dining at one of many wonderful restaurants
  • At the end of the day, relax with interesting people in the warm, candle lit lounge at No.fifty6

We are happy to recommend places to visit and restaurants to eat at in the evenings.  If you would like any further information, please contact us.

31st May 2020

After 60+ days of full, strict lockdown, there was a slight easing of lockdown here from 11th May. Since then we have been able to go out within 100km radius of our home, while maintaining social distancing. So this has meant we have been able to do what we love to do – going out and exploring the wonderful Somme, visiting cemeteries and memorials, being mesmerized by nature and paying respects to the fallen. That first day we took a simple picnic and went to a favourite spot of ours, up on the bank behind the red dragon at Mametz. Just us, nature and the boys who remain there. It was chilly with a bracing wind, but there was something life affirming about it. We walked across the valley to the outskirts of the wood and watched the wind create rhythmic waves in the barley growing in Death Valley. That was the start of several journeys out for us. Not a problem social distancing, just us and those who lie in these green fields of France.

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