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Month: August 2023

August 2023  - A month of Good Things and Sad News – Life's Twists and Turns

Posted on 31st August 2023 by Julie and David Thomson in General News.

August 2023  - A month of Good Things and Sad News – Life's Twists and Turns August  - Oh, where do we start this month? There are things to say, which we don’t want to write as if not writing them will make them not true. But they are. We have lost a good friend and a good chicken this month. There we’ve said it. Now let’s push it away and write about it later.

August -  a mixed bag of weather. Some dry, dusty days, others stormy and days filled with rainclouds. France pauses for holidays (not a month to get anything administrative done), farmers still toil. And as always, wonderful, interesting guests find their way to our door, eager to explore the wonderful history and landscape around us.

The landscape is now golden and brown, not green and fertile. The wheat harvest is over, replaced by hay bales dotting the landscape. Already, Mash Valley has been ploughed and reseeded, making the most of the sunshine and showers. Potatoes have been sprayed to kill off the leaf and put all the energy into the secret orbs beneath the soil. Maize grows tall and sugar beet waits for its later harvest, growing fat and sweet. The cycle of nature continuing.

There has been much to keep us busy this month and much for us to ponder and think about as we work here and look over that amazing rolling landscape.

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