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Month: October 2023

October 2023 - Summer gives way to Autumn ….All The News from No.fifty6.

Posted on 31st October 2023 by Julie and David Thomson in General News.

October 2023  - Summer gives way to Autumn ….All The News from No.fifty6. October– we normally talk of mellow mists and fruitfulness for an October Somme and while this is true for the last week, summer stubbornly held on for the first half of October with warm, sunny days and perfect light. . which is confusing Mother Nature. We kept saying the weather is bonkers. Guests were wearing shorts and sunhats and sitting on the terrace. Now though, the heating is on and it is time to get Autumn cosy. The farmers are busy – potatoes and sugar beet being harvested and already The Somme has a green coat of new crop carpeting its contours, compared with the deep brown of those that have just been ploughed and wait the next sowing. There is a quality to the light in October which is very specific to the month. Lower sun means the light is more golden, softer, gentler, as if winter is being held back as long as possible. We have had some beautiful sunrises and sunsets too.

As usual, there has been a lot going on this month and life at no.fifty6 keeps us busy but happy.
Knowing our love for poetry, one of our many guests this month put us onto this poem. “Ici Repose”.
Bill Pinfold visited with friend David Middleton. Bill wrote after his visit:

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