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Month: February 2016

News From No.fifty6

Posted on 29th February 2016 by Julie and David Thomson in General News.

News From No.fifty6 In February we had our first snow of the winter, but also many bright days for exploring. As we go out exploring the area we have started to see many centenary dates of soldiers who died. Though the Battle of The Somme did not commence until 1st July, in these winter months 100 years ago preparations were being made, trenches dug, tunnels secretly established and of course skirmishes, raids, and shelling took many young lives. We have highlighted some of those who died one hundred years ago on our Facebook page on the anniversaries of their deaths. We often say, The Somme is not all about 1st July and these young men’s sacrifices throughout 2016 and the rest of the war is testament to that.

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