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Month: May 2023

May on The Somme  - Spring at last, Busy Busy, BLESMA, Bikes and Battlefields

Posted on 31st May 2023 by Julie and David Thomson in General News.

May on The Somme  - Spring at last, Busy Busy, BLESMA, Bikes and Battlefields Wow – where has May gone? May blew in with rainy days and a chill in the air and blows out with wall-to-wall sunshine, a breeze and a distinct feel that Spring is really here to stay. Weather-wise it has been a month of 2 halves and for a while it felt like it was never going to stop raining. Now it is sunny, breezy but dry. Already the pathways are cracking and the farmers tell us it is drier than usual for this time of year, with the water table well below where it should be. Crops are behind due to the prolonged cold early Spring.

There is a lovely feel to Spring on the Somme. The landscape is green and lush, the young barley and wheat tremble in the breezes creating a shimmering sea of green that entices you in to explore more. And explore is what our guests have been doing.

We have had our busiest month ever. We have to let that sink in – busier than the centenary years! We are thankful for every guest who comes through our door and never take anything for granted. You are all wonderful for appreciating what we do, so thank you.  There has been so much going on, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Each day is stimulating, busy, always surprising and though we are first up and last to bed each day, it is good tired, not bad tired. The Somme is a special place and we know we are very lucky to share it with such wonderful people.

Each month, a poem usually finds us, rather than us go searching for one, and this May was no different.

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