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Month: August 2019

August News from No.fifty6

Posted on 31st August 2019 by Julie and David Thomson in General News.

August News from No.fifty6 Devastation by August Stramm, German War Poet: “The sky is wind and bodies march march on a thousand bootsoles, The sky is wind and bodies advance advance onto a thousand automatics. The sky is wind and bodies crack crack into a thousand fragments.”

103 years ago, the ferocious action of The Somme battle was raging. Today as we write this and look out over golden, harvested fields, blue skies, to the sound of skylarks and blackbirds, it is hard to imagine what once occurred here in this place now so peaceful. Just the crosses, Portland stone and memorials puncturing the landscape like beautiful sentinels of the now peaceful dead.

August has seen more high temperatures, some rain, busy farmers and of course our wonderful guests who bring their stories and share around our table.

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