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Month: February 2019

February - Spring Comes Early to No.fifty6

Posted on 28th February 2019 by Julie and David Thomson in General News.

February - Spring Comes Early to No.fifty6 After the snows in January and a chilly start to February, most of the month has been gloriously sunny, dry and with record February temperatures by day between 17-20 degrees regularly. The farmers have been busy ploughing and seeding, the birds are active in the trees and the trees are beginning to burst into new life. We even managed a barefoot walk by the sea at Berck –Plage this week. Spring has come early. The end of the month sees the weather change to wetter, but still reasonably mild - but we know winter may not be over yet. The perfect weather has seen guests come and explore and there has been plenty going on here from meetings to wayward ducks.

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