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Month: October 2020

Beautiful Autumn, Exploring, Lockdown Returns

Posted on 31st October 2020 by Julie and David Thomson in General News.

As the month turns it is All Saints' Day - Toussaints here in France. Autumn is definitely here. There have been winds, rain, sunshine, mild days and the light has softened from summer’s bright halo to a golden crown which accentuates the turning leaves and patchwork fields.

Our friends and farmers Yves and Thierry have been harvesting maize, sugarbeet and potatoes, so across the fields of The Somme there has been a lot of farming activity. At month end some crops still linger in the fields like mother earth is loathed to give them up, but in most cases there is ploughing, scarifying and reseeding going on. The agricultural wheel never stops turning.

Despite having no guests again this month due to travel restrictions, there has been plenty to keep us occupied and we have enjoyed the opportunity to discover the landscape in its autumn glory and visit some new places. But now we are under a strict National Lockdown again.
It is hard, having no guests, we miss everyone, but we know as long as Covid is under control by next year, we have a 2021 diary getting fuller with those who have had to postpone their trips and will come as soon as possible. We know you all miss the Somme as much as we miss you. So what have we been up to?

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